Our Journey

The PureGym Group Provides a Social Good

Our core purpose - to provide accessible, flexible and affordable fitness and activity to all - plays a vital role in not only improving people’s health and wellbeing, but also as a route to addressing obesity, and improving mental health.

Sustainability – and more broadly environmental, social and governance related issues (S-ESG) – are a key priority for the Group.

Key Focus Areas of Our S-ESG Strategy

Through a materiality assessment with our four main stakeholders: Employees, Investors, Supply Chain Partners and Members, we have identified the following focus areas:


Delivering Social Good

Supporting as many people as possible to live healthier lives


Empowering People

Fostering a thriving, healthy, supportive community and team


Energy and Emissions

Reducing our carbon footprint and efficient use of resources


Waste & Circulatory

Minimizing waste and embedding circular-by-design principles


Effective Corporate Governance

Building an environment of trust, transparency and accountability

We are committed to ensuring our sustainability agenda is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create meaningful links to broader global sustainably-driven outcomes.

Our ESG Performance Highlights


  • On a Group-wide basis, reported carbon emissions of 16,597 tonnes of CO2-equivalent represent a reduction of 12% on a per gym basis and 20% on a per visit basis since 2022.

  • This has been achieved through a series of deliberate actions arising from energy efficiency programmes. The Group has established a new “green” standard by which its operations are run, including new gym environment and temperature set points; upgrades to LED lighting specification; and, control systems for better management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

  • Energy efficiency program is anticipated to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity per location by ~20% in medium term.

  • Enhanced reporting in 2023 to incorporate extended environmental risk disclosures and uplift the scope of reporting to include global (rather than UK only) emissions

  • Working towards making a carbon neutral and net zero commitment.

  • Programmes in place to recycle gym equipment, IT equipment, and uniforms.

  • Minimum standard of ‘zero waste to landfill’ established across all major geographies.


  • Goal to create a safe and positive space for everyone, so they can enjoy the benefits of fitness and wellbeing.

  • Focus on gender balance is setting the tone for the gym industry, resulting in a 0% median pay gap and 2.6% mean pay gap for the UK in 2023.

  • Became the official gym partner of The British Heart Foundation in 2022, supporting them in raising awareness for heart and circularity diseases as well as raising £3m over next three years (over £1m raised to date).

  • Partnered with Mental Health UK and raised over £330,000 for mental health in 2019.

  • Set up PureGym Trust to provide support to financially vulnerable employees.

  • Best-in-class emergency response and anti-harassment protocols as safety is the cornerstone of a positive experience for members and employees.


  • S-ESG strategy overseen by the Risk & Sustainability Action Team (RSAT) chaired by the CEO, Humphrey Cobbold, with at least four meetings p.a. with delegated authority and reporting through to the Board of Directors.

  • RSAT members including Group Strategic Sustainability & Risk Director plus senior executive representatives from all major geographies and all major functions – Operations, Legal, Procurement, IT, Commercial, Finance and HR.

  • Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management Framework across major geographies and appointment of new key roles in legal and internal audit to strengthen compliance and control environments.

  • Concerted efforts to ensure a diverse and representative group of decision-makers, with 45% of Executive Management Board and 43% of senior management boards at country-level being female.

  • Multiple routes for staff to communicate and raise issues with management team, including whistle-blowing policy and employee engagement forums to encourage equitable participation.

Further information on the Group’s Policies including its Environmental Policy can be found here.

Further information on the Group’s ESG performance including emissions reporting can be found here.