Business Model & Strategy

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Winning Business Model

1 Core Product

Excellent core product offering delivered across a broad range of site sizes

2 Consumer

Great consumer value proposition (low price, no contract & 24/7)

3 Skills

Superior skills, rigour and sophistication in site selection and development

4 Model

Operating model combines strong revenue management and low labour cost

5 Technology

Superior technology platform and digital capabilities

6 Performance

Excellent performance management and continuous improvement

Our Strategy

The world’s population is more aware than ever of the importance of looking after physical and mental health, avoiding conditions such as obesity and ensuring a good immune system. In a post COVID-19 world we therefore believe that there will continue to be attractive and resilient fitness markets.

PureGym has a powerful and highly disruptive customer proposition, which is differentiated from traditional gym operators and appeals to a broad range of consumers.

Our strategy is to occupy market leading positions in the value segment, whilst delivering profitable growth for our stakeholders.

Our strategy is underpinned by the Group’s differentiated capital efficient and technology-enabled gym operating model, which enables our gyms to support high levels of membership, operate on low costs, and generate strong unit economics, cash flow conversion and ROCE.

We Have a Very Clear Approach and Hierarchy in Mind to Pursue Value Creating Growth

A business built on solid foundations with excellent prospects for sustained growth

Pursue franchising, digital and new market entry where attractive to do so

Open new high quality sites – especially in the UK & Switzerland where substantial “whitespace” remains

Deliver full performance potential of all existing estates in the UK, Denmark & Switzerland