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Key markets

The Group is a scaled leader in attractive growth markets. PureGym occupies leading positions in each of its 3 key markets - the UK, Denmark and Switzerland.

Sustained Growth

The growth of the market has been clear and consistent pre covid for the following reasons:

  • Growing consumer awareness of the importance of activity / exercise for a healthy lifestyle
  • Government support & promotion
  • Rise in awareness of obesity, diabetes, cardio illnesses etc.

There has also been a massive increase in consumer awareness of activity and health due to the global pandemic.

Fitness Market Bar Charts

Notes: Sources: The IHRSA Global Report: The State of the Health Club Industry (2020 and 2016), Deloitte / EuropeActive European Health & Fitness Market Report (2020 and 2017). LDC, PG Management Perspectives.

  1. Global definition is number of health and fitness facilities; EU / UK definition is fitness clubs.
  2. March of the year indicated.

The value gym segment has been responsible for driving growth in the gym & fitness industry as it opens up access to affordable fitness to more of the population.

Budget fitness operators have won the battle for volume of membership and we believe will continue to do so in the gym & fitness industry.

Fitness Market Pie Charts

Notes: Sources: LDC, Deloitte / EuropeActive European Health & Fitness Market Report (2020 and 2017), PG Management Perspectives.

  1. Europe calculation based on share of net new additions from the top 30 European operators (as defined in the Deloitte report) that are budget gyms.
  2. UK data to March of the year indicated, Europe data calendar year. UK includes private low-cost gyms as defined by LDC.

Global "Premier League"

The scalability of the budget model is leading to industry concentration and the emergence of a global “premier league” of leading operators.

Fitness Market Map

Notes: Source: Company websites as of 13th July 2021.

  1. 5x if acquisition of Fitness World is excluded.